Divide sqm to less than 6

i am using sqm on my openwrt router but total bandwidth is divided on 6
is there a method i can divide bandwidth on 4

How do you mean divide on 6 or 4? What is your total bandwidth, up and down? How many users are there?

My total bandwidth is 11mbs up and 1.5 mbs down there are 4 users
I read here that if using sqm everyone takes 15% of total bandwidth i want to give everyone 25% by default

No, sqm does not do this, by default simple.qos and simplest.qos give each active flow equal bandwidth and piece_of_cake and layer_cake will more or less share equally between active hosts (the default triple-isolate mode is decent, but if you want to have strict per-internal-IP fairness, please follow the instructions in the " Making cake sing and dance, on a tight rope without a safety net (aka advanced features)" section from https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/traffic-shaping/sqm-details).
Please note with your limited upstream sqm is not going to perform miracles, it will help, but it can not magically make up for your lack of bandwidth....

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I'm not sure this is the best plan. Instead of locking each person to a fixed 25% allocation/partition, SQM will split the full capacity between whatever computers are using the link right now - sharing it when two or more are there.

If you're home alone, you get it all, and go as fast as possible. If someone else starts using the link, SQM splits the speed equally.