Distribute or sync wifi configuration over multiple APs

I have an wifi router on every floor of my house. One main router and the others are dump AP which I configured manually. Is there an option to sync the wifi configuration between multiple routers? Maybe a master to slaves push?

There isn't any central controller for OpenWrt.
Either you'll have to configure them manually or automate it with scripting.


I'm pushing via scp so the main router logs in via ssh to the slaves and writes a new wifi config. After that, the new config is applied with the wifi command.

I hadn't got time to try yet but this project also looks promising: http://openwisp.org/whatis.html

Would love to hear back from some one who tried this if he can recommend it.

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Actually, there is one central controller for OpenWRT: OpenWISP.

You can try it out using https://github.com/openwisp/vagrant-openwisp2.

The community is pretty active too.

In the future we would like to support other systems too (we have experimental configuration backends for Raspbian and Ubiquiti AirOS) but at the moment we're focusing on OpenWRT since it's the most widely deployed Linux system for networks.

I hope this helps.

Cool, thanks for the update. I'll definitely have a look at it! :slight_smile: