Distribute dhcp over 3 AP

Hi, my situation is the following.
i have 3 AP (tp link archer c60) all with openwrt and all on the same network (my home 192.168.1.x).
On the first i have set up dnsmasq to act as an authoritative and only dhcp server on the net, and acts as a dns server for the internet. I've disabled all the services over the isp router.
I've set up on this main router all the rules for static ip assignemnt.
The problem is: when the authoritative dhcp/dns is switched off, there's no way to navigate.
Can i make others ap act as a secondary dhcp/dns server?
Can they share dhcp request?
Thanks in advance

p.s. i know it's not openwrt specific question, but a linux question. i know i can setup dhcpd and bind as a dhcp/dns server with replication, but maybe there's a simpler package that can make this, or a different and simpler way to do this.
Thanks in advance.

Easy solution, don't switch off the authoritative DHCP/ DNS server<fullstop>.

Yes, ISC DHCPd and bind9 do support failover, but setting that up (and keeping it in sync) in a home environment would be overkill and a major headache, by far the easier solution is to stick to one DHCPd/ DNS server.


hi and thanks for the reply.
i would like not to reboot/switch off the primary.
i know it's a real pain to setup and mantain dhcpd and bind in sync, for this i was looking for a simpler solution if possible.
i have to reboot the router sometimes cause the wireless network goes off or the signal get worse and worse.
We are all in smart working from home, so it's fundamental to have a good signal and if i reboot no ones navigate animore.... :slight_smile:

Which model router? Most OpenWrt installations can run for weeks or months without needint a reboot. Try restarting just the wireless with the wifi command instead of a full reboot.

Of course the (single) DHCP server can be anywhere in the network, so put it on your most reliable device.

If you're using DNS on the LAN, issuing short lease times will re-populate the lease cache quickly to minimize disruption after a restart of the DHCP / DNS system. Even a 1 or 2 minute lease isn't a strain on the network with 10 or 15 devices. You can also move the cache to flash memory, though there will be flash chip wear then. Long lease times would then be advisable.

Another solution would be to employ a specific device as a DHCP / DNS server (a Raspberry Pi, for example).

hi mk,
i will try with the command line and see the result.
I have 3 tp-link archer c6 eu version wich are not fully supported by regular owrt.
i'm running an unstable version of openwrt cause the 5ghz network on the regular release has bad performance so with some other people who is trying to getting better result (here) i'm trying to have a suitable situation.

by the way all the devices are reliable.
i've setup a 24h release for dhcp, but the problem is the external dns resolution.

Maybe i've found a solution.
in dhcp option you can indicate other local dns server, i've setup the other ap to act as only dns forwarder to google dns.
i'll update this post to see if it works, on others ap without enabling dhcp on the other ap.