Display for raspberry pi running openwrt

How do I add a display to my raspberry pi that is currently running OpenWrt? I have tried LCD-proc and such but they run in bash not ash. Is there a way to run it? The display i currently have and plan to run on it is a 3.5 in pi display.

I never done this before, but my first try would be to build my own OpenWrt from source with a driver for the GPU, framebufer console, the display, probably backlight too, input subsystem (not enabled by default) and USB keyboard. Then add console=tty0 to the kernel command line. That should open a console on the display.

Lcdproc is a binary, not a script, why wouldn't it work with ash?

Pretty sure you can install bash, as an additional shell, too.

I am pretty much a beginner at this and am learning on the go. but thanks I will try it.