Disney+ not working after new router install

Just bought a new WRT3200ACM and installed OpenWrt. Everything seems to be working great.

Except Disney+ doesn't work on my tv now, and on my wife's work computer, Internet Explorer doesn't work.

Any thoughts? Is this the right place to ask for help?

It is extremely unlikely that OpenWrt in a general sense is affecting your ability to connect to Disney+ and/or causing your wife's computer not to work properly. However, you haven't described what changes you made relative to the default configuration -- a misconfigured router could certainly account for these things.

When you changed your router, you may have gotten a new public IP from your ISP. Sometimes that can mess with the authentication for certain services, so you might try logging out of Disney+ and then logging back in again.

On your wife's computer, is it just IE that is having issues, or is it all internet connectivity?


fwiw... use disney+ and adblock with no issues...

in the past all/any disney+ issues were browser based... ( and in the case of netflix can also be related to cgnat )...

either way... nothing rooted in OpenWrt...

(the other key thing to note with these services is many seem to make heavy use of v6 cdn's... so ipv6 connectivity would be another area worth checking into)

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The wifi on these devices is less than stellar in stability terms, I experienced disconnects and ARP or NDP failures for wifi devices frequently but this wouldn't be Disney+ specific it could be if certain devices like smart tvs have general connectivity issues though, esp IPv6 which relies on working multicast which seems to be less good on this device

Both the smart tv and wife's computer are on Ethernet so it's not a wireless issue.

I'm using ipv6 for the first time and have read that some smart tvs don't know how to handle it properly so I may try disabling ipv6.

Found out that the wife's IE works fine until she connects to her work vpn so I assume it's something to do on their end.

Haven't noticed any wifi issues yet. Device seems to be working well for me so far even handling SQM.

I do not have upnp enabled because of stuff I've read about it having security flaws.

Thanks all for your help!