Discourse "saved searches" plugin?

Hi everyone,

I realized there's a bunch of devices piling up in my "backlog" that I would like to have supported one day, but they currently don't have the highest priority for being picked to be the next one, whenever there is some free time.

Sometimes, I happen to find threads opened by other users in the meantime, who also started working on one particular device that I own, and it would be great to be notified about such threads, since it's often more effective (and more fun :slight_smile:) to be working together on adding support for a device.

I see there is a "saved searches" plugin for Discourse that allows users to be notified about new posts containing certain keywords (similar to saved searches on ebay):

Could this be considered for the OpenWRT forums?
I'm not quite sure about the performance implications though (caused by the implementation of performing actual forum searches, rather than matching new threads against a list of stored keywords).

Also, I sometimes see threads in the Installation forum section about devices that I know quite well, so this could be useful there as well (although I'm fully aware that the preferred solution would be to have the device wiki page contain all the relevant info in an easily understandable fashion, rather than having 'experts' on particular devices answer all the basic questions about flashing / troubleshooting that device).

Any opinions on this from other users?
Would this be a usefull addition to the OpenWrt forum?