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I noticed that on this page https://openwrt.org/toh/views/toh_discontinued_864 that a huge list of routers that has availability discontinued, does this mean that support is now on the current 18.06.2 and that people should update? or are these routers no longer supported? Regards

It (discontinued) means the manufacture has stopped making new devices.
So it will be difficult to buy them new unless someone has old stock.
You might be able buy used devices.


"Discontinued" in the ToH means that it is believed that the unit is no longer available for purchase new.

The level of support for older or under-resourced devices (which manufacturers keep turning out), especially those with under 8 MB of flash or under 64 MB of RAM is the subject of a lively debate, both around possibilities as well as around policies. The former may drive the latter.

If you've got a decent 8/64 device, you've probably got a little "runway" before Linux grows to the point where it's no longer supportable. However, it might be a good time to consider planning an upgrade and exploring options to take over the next year or so.


…and they're filtered for sufficient hardware specifications, so even though they're no longer in production/ available as-new on the market, OpenWrt should continue to work fine on them for the foreseeable future (which might mean that some of them could be quite attractive on the used market).

You are still supposed to check the individual device pages for potential caveats (unsupported features, e.g. Broadcom softmac WLAN, potentially hard to flash/ recover, etc. pp.), before buying either of these


Sorry I had stepped away, but I wasn't sure as I had read some parts from the link describing some models are no longer available and so i could ask here, as really is manufactures no longer produce those models. I did purchase a couple routers with openwrt in mind a couple of years ago and I saw the names and that made me ask to make sure, the specs on them are well suited for openwrt. Thank you all who have answered have a good evening or day.

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