Disconnecting and reconnecting

What I would like to do is simply log into luci and disconnect a machine from getting internet access I know parental control works like this by setting dates and times, but I am looking to learn if there is a package that will override parental control rules to either allow or deny access. Something that you can do with a click of a button. At times you need a quick override of the control set in the firewall to avoid having to reset all the rule options again. So such an application I'm looking for, will allow certain static addresses added to it as in parental control, and by clicking a box, immediately allow or deny access until such time that the box is clicked again. I hope I've made myself clear.
Thanks a lot, if you know of such and would suggest the name.

Parental control is typically a firewall rule that you can enable/disable on demand.
To achieve it, you can use a checkbox in LuCI, or utilize a UCI command with CLI.

See also:

Thanks, yes I know.
But what I want is to be able to over-ride Parental Control by togging a button here or there. I am trying to avoid having to enter rules on parental control. At the moment, I can activate or deactivate it, but that action will only be relevant based on its existing rules that I don't want to change and then redo. I am looking for application that will over-ride those rules and allow me to allow or disallow a device at will, with a click of a button.

Yes, I went to the github page, sadly it's not ported to my device, and that I do not know how to do. I had hoped for a package within the system I could simply install. Perhaps the Devs see this and take note.