Disappointing asrock g10 with OpenWrt (last 22.03)

I received today my third AsRock G10 on which I installed OpenWrt

I am extremely disappointed with the WiFi performance of OpenWrt
It is used in repeater mode, exactly in the same place in the house



and how exactly is the repeater mode configured ?

With relayd

Exactly as in the documentatioon

and the setup wifi, and hw wise, was the same using stock fw ?

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Same master router , same channels , same SSID , same place ...

The only difference is that with the OEM firmware the configuration is done automatically with a WPS button

If the OpenWrt driver is good, it might be the antenna management that is malfunctioning ?
Is there something in OpenWrt to handle this?

I just set it up like this
set country ( for me FR )
scan 5 Ghz band
use the router SSID & key
that's all

Usually openwrt's open source drivers are no match for oem's closed source ones. So if you're after performance setup you're better off moving away from openwrt


If i understand your answer correctly OpenWrt is therefore a bad firmware with poor performance

I now know what I'm going to do and I'll tell all my friends

I got some AsRock G10 thinking it would be better than with MT76xxx ...
I see that it's still the same

Depends what you're after I suppose. I use openwrt for the flexibility it provides, I can install lots of different software and it's all kept upto date and secure. Don't think the vendor firmware will be patched very often.

Anything I need high throughput for, I connect using a wire. For wireless clients I'm happy with 300mbps.


everything is kept up to date and secure.
except for the wifi where nothing is kept up to date

It would be nice if everything works

If you're unhappy with the product, you can request a full refund.


He seems to be very unhappy with OpenWrt, or especially with the open source wifi drivers which doesn't fulfill his demands compared to the closed source drivers.
Where can he get a full refund for the free firmware he chooses himself to use? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


no really,never,openwrt is always irreplaceable. always.

@Annick you still wating for wireless performance on openwrt? i'll do that for your ax device,promise, give me some time please i'm busy.
but please do not be mad always with OPENWRT!

OpenWrt has a choice of two drivers for ath10k chips, the ct version (which is installed by default) and the non-ct version. Could try the other one.

are this proprietary drivers?

the problem is that in openwrt you're passing traffic via user-space relayd vs oem fw that works almost exclusively via wifi driver (mcu)
you might get some extra mpbs using kmod-trelay see Howto kmod-trelay


With OpenWrt at this time I only found a 17.01 OEM version of ZBTLINK which works very well

Assuming it's not necessarily the OEM drivers, is there a performance reason why ZBTLINK is using this old 17.01 version?

If anyone has OpenWrt oem firmwares other hardware i will see if i can get them to work in one of the many mt76 routers i have at my disposal

Yes I think I really see that :blush:

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There's nothing but proprietary drivers for ath10k. The FOSS 'driver' is a thin film sitting between QCA's blobs and the kernel wireless stack.

The only reason is this is the SDK they got from their board partner/ODM/whatever. Least effort is the baseline here.

Also, the whole forum knows your gripes by now with the open source mt76 drivers or OpenWrt in general, you can drop that by now. Quit kicking a dead horse.

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STOP ....

I understood very well that everything is my fault

With an old WR1200JS STA/AP repeater & Padavan