Disappearing Wireguard Interfaces

Hi there everyone, total openWRT noob here.

I'm running into an issue where wireguard interfaces that I make from CLI will disappear upon reboot. To create the tunnel from the command line I am following this tutorial.

The tunnels work fine until the device reboots, then the interface is completely gone. If I try to bring the interface back up, ip returns the error "SIOCGIFFLAGS: No such device".

Does anyone have thoughts on what could be causing this? I am using 22.03.5 on the Vocore2.


Welcome to the community!

That's not an OpenWrt Wiki.

Given Wireguard usually needs to be rebooted anyway, I have a question.

Did you add this Wireguard interface via uci commands or by editing /etc/config/network


by some other method?


Hi there, thanks for the reply. I'll check out the thread you mentioned and look into making/configuring the interfaces with uci.

To this point I was creating the interfaces with

ip link add dev [interface name] type wireguard

Then configuring them (listen port, private key, peer end point ip, etc...) with

wg set

At a glance its interesting that the link is going up without using uci.

Not really it is actually what is done with the parameters set in/by UCI :slight_smile:


You are using commands customizing the runtime configuration.
Runtime configuration cannot survive reboot by design.
Use UCI for persistent configuration.


Thanks, everyone, for the input.

I followed the procedure from here and it is working perfectly.

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