Disabling Kernel Debugging?

How to properly disable Kernel Debugging?


I dont think it is possible now, It should be disabled during compilation of kernel. But I dont know the truth.

I compile my own images.
But I'm not sure if I disabled debugging correctly.
I disabled some options like debug info and debug fs.
But in kernelmenu config there is on option named kernel debugging that can't be disabled.
How to do this?

Linux not to supposed to not debuggable at time, since it growing, and no kernel in universe could be final, it has inherently some bugs. So you need the debugger flag to be on. But there should be some flag to On/Off.

I think debugging on a production system is not needed.
After some online searching i found out that it is possible to remove the dependency from the kernel debugging option in menuconfig. It is forced by EXPERT=Y.
So i created a small and simple patch that removes that dependency.

i dont think debugfs can be disabled from userspace will read up on it though. my script above just tackles some random debugging here and there. as far as ive read its all in memory as well, doesnt help for hardware like routers. if anyone knows any userspace solution or anything let me know. trying to incorporate all possible improvements once and for all for it to be automated.