Disable wireless_ext how to?

To make sure my wireless drivers are not using the old standard, I would like to disable wiress_ext.

Should I just disable this in the /target/generic/config4.x file? The wext_core, wext_priv, wext_proc and wext_spy and wireless_ext. I suppose the config_wireless=y is the only remaining?

Why ?
If you driver(s) uses mac80211 they can't use wireless-ext and visa versa.

If they can't (and should not), there is no point to have this enabled. Every "feature" somehow ends up taking memory. A lot of Linux distorts have this disabled by default no, but in Lede, with limited memory available on devices, this is still enabled? Most (all) open source drivers included in the project are not using this.

Various scripts and programs rely on the existence of /proc/net/wireless, even if it is just to enumerate wireless interfaces.
Then there used to be certain information which was only available via WEXT ioctls and not nl80211, mainly tx power control.

Off the top of my head I am not sure if all users of wext are already gone, even with modern mac80211 drivers.