Disable NextDNS log messages

Hello everybody,
I'm using the latest version of NextDNS (1.6.3) and would like to know how to disable the log messages in the System Log? Many thanks in advance.

You should be able to disable it in nextdns configuration page, on their website.


I mean the messages from NextDNS itself and not the logs of the website queries. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thu May 28 23:44:01 2020 daemon.err nextdns[2255]: INFO: 21:44:01 Query UDP A www.google.de. (qry=64/res=0) 5008ms : doh resolve: context deadline exceeded Fri May 29 00:00:48 2020 daemon.err nextdns[2255]: INFO: 22:00:48 Connected [XXXX:XX:XX::XX]:443 (con=57ms tls=213ms, TLS13)

I have the same and a lot of possible dns rebind attack..

I updated to NextDNS (1.6.4-1) and the many log messages are gone. Fixed...

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