Disable ipv6 resolving?

is there a way to not resolving ipv6 addres ?

.ie when i do

nslookup dns.google

the return only

without extra


as i remember i ever achieved this but not sure what i do to achieve.

No, google has configured the DNS of your target domain with A and AAAA records.

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so possibly by changing DNS provider ?

or maybe building with buildroot with customized kernel (disable-ipv6) in make kernel-menuconfig does this ?

Again, that's the response of google's DNS entries, including IPv6 addresses. Regardless of the IPv6 capabilities of your router or clients, they will be reported via nslookup - what client will make of that is down to the client itself.

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SG-135 in /tmp # resolveip -4 dns.google

I was asking about "not resolving ipv6 globally on all clients", not "how to resolve ipv4 address"
nslookup is just a sample on how i resolve ip