Disable ipv6 DNS

Hi, can someone educate me on how to stop IPv6 DNS from being pushed out via DHCP please.

Is it possible to do that without disabling IPv6 completely, if not I'll have to disable IPv6

Out of curiosity why?

Ipv6 pushes DNS in two ways, one is by DHCPv6 and the other by router adverts. There are some settings in Luci you can turn off, look under ipv6 tabs

When people ask about strange things it often means they try to solve the problem from the wrong side.

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Exactly. I had an Amazon fire TV stick that would bork if it got a DNS on ipv6, the right solution was to drop that piece of garbage like a hot potato :joy:

You can try to override default DNS-servers with custom DHCP-option:

uci add_list dhcp.lan.dhcp_option="6,,"
uci commit dhcp
service dnsmasq restart

My internal DNS server doesn't have IPv6 enabled, I'm not too bothered about that for the time being, but what is happening is that my clients are getting IPv6 DNS of my router as well as the correct IPv4 address of my internal DNS.

I'd just like to have 100% control of which DNS server my clients are using.

Of course to have real control over what they're actually using, you need to firewall them from using some other address. People could manually put in for example. And to really control things you need to firewall a lot more, because they can set up DNS over HTTPS or whatever.

But if you just want them to get useful advertisements you could set your internal DNS to use ipv6 and advertise that. Or you could let it advertise the router, and have the router just look things up on your existing ipv4 DNS. I don't know if it's possible to make OpenWRT advertise ipv6 prefixes without advertising any DNS on ipv6 at all.