Disable Internal I2C Pull-Up Resistor?

What's good my fellow OpenWRT enthusiasts. I have an inquiry for y'all. I'm getting leakage current on my board and I've traced it to the I2C pins on my HLK-7688a. is there a way to disable the internal pull-up resistors?

DTS file or some driver c file.

But that requires building from source code. And some programming developement knowledge.

But I doubt you have found the problem since we talk about mA at max on that bus. I2C only have pull up resistors as discrete components and a resistor can’t lower it resistance unless short circuit by foreign object.

And if you disable that databus your device will pretty much be a crumbling fish on land and ready for trash.

Please define leakage current in your case and how did you come to the I2C conclusion!?