Disable Firewall on Full-Bridged Modem-Router?

As title, I've got a modem-router that runs on a fork of OpenWrt 15.05.1 for reference. If I'm running it in full-bridge mode (authentication via PPPoE occurs on the router), can I disable the firewall on the bridged modem?

You could, but given that you are running an old and unmaintained version of OpenWrt the question is whether you should.
Since you have a bridge, packets traversing the bridge won't hit the firewall. Only packets destined to the router or from the router.

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Well, I mean since it's full-bridge and I've thus far disabled all ISP-added components, DHCP-server (odhcpd & dnsmasq), Wifi (hostapd), QoS, all web-server services, amongst others; I don't see any soft-spots that would warrant a firewall service.

You could leave a couple of rules to allow outgoing traffic and to accept incoming from your lan.

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