Disable/enable IP address internet via TurrisOS

Hey all I am new at all this shell script stuff so keep that in mind. I have seen this post but am unsure of what the script looks like other than it takes querystring values and mac address. Would like to know the command(s) it takes to do that behind the scenes.

What I am wanting to do is be able to call a shell script that disables an IP address (so no internet connection can be established) that I provide within the call.

As an example, say that I want to disable ip

The call I would like to make would be:

The same would apply for the enabled:

How would I go about being able to do this?

The versions I am currently using are:

        Hostname: turris
           Model: Turris Omnia
    Architecture: ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)
Firmware Version: TurrisOS 5.3.10 / LuCI branch git-22.115.68448-712bc8e
  Kernel Version: 4.14.277

Just some images from my Turris Omnia router:

enter image description here

What post???

I think you actually meant inquire here, not OpenWrt:


This is for official/supported OpenWrt versions.

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Thank for letting me know the link was missing @lleachii. I have corrected that.

As for posting this question to the Turris own forum - I have and have not received a reply so that is why I posted here as well.

apples and bananas ?

you're using the Turris version of openwrt, asking them about openwrt functionality, then asking us about turris functionality ?

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