Disable DHCP but enable custom DNS for cable and wireless connected devices?

Yes very! The moment they enabled all the options i lost ipv6...

UPC region.

Can you post the information page of your Connectbox?

I will look into it, this is very useful thank you.

Are you in DS-lite area? Such configuration would only be possible with full dual stack.

Yes i'm. I'm speaking with Ziggo.

Seems like if they bring the modem back to normal i have ipv6 but then no dmz option again. Very weird.

And if they enable DMZ then i have no ipv6.

Im pretty sure there's something wrong with your Connectbox configuration (not your fault). Did Ziggo confirm this is unexpected behaviour? Maybe do a factory reset? Ziggo is also able to reset and reconfigure your Connectbox remotly, maybe they can help you.

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I do also think so, makes no sense that i cant have dmz option with IPV6 enabled.

I'm still trying to speak with them.

Can you please post a picture of your menu where you can select DMZ ?

No problem, here you go. The DMZ option can be found at Advanced Settings > Security > DMZ (Geavanceerde instellingen > Beveiliging > DMZ).

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Yeah then something is wrong really, because it all is hidden, the only options i have are firewall and dhcp. i'm waiting them to fix it so i can move with the DMZ stuff.

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Spoke with them, they are going to return to ipv6, there is no other way, with ipv6 i have no option for DMZ, without ipv6 i have DMZ or bridge mode, really sucks.

Im out of options.

Thats exactly what i want to avoid. This is not an option at all.

That doesn't make sense unless you're in a DS-Lite region. You havent confirmed yet if this is the case (DS-Lite vs Full Dual Stack). If you have DS-Lite, you're indeed stuck with this configuration and the Ziggo helpdesk can't help you. Switch providers or stick to IPv4.

// Edit: Oh i just read back and saw you confirming you're indeed on DS-Lite. Yeah.. Switch providers or stick to IPv4, or use a IPv6 tunnel service.

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Yeah no provider can give me 500mb, so im stuck with them hahaha

I'm still thinking of forwarding those dns requests to some other place1

They returned it to normal, now i have ipv6 back but not dmz option.

Anyone have any other idea to run using other dns server without double nat? No DMZ and no bridge mode?

You can disable NAT if you add a static route on the upstream router.
You can also try to enable bridge firewall and DNS hijacking.


Nevermind i gave up.

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