Disable Alexa - is it possible by blocking IP

There is not much info on brute force disabling this "feature" of a Firestick other than asking Amazon to via some device settings and hoping it's done, well outside of a guide I read just now for desoldering the mic. Since I might want to resell this if it doesn't work out for me, I'm not up to testing my micro component desoldering skills just yet. So is there a way to disable the voice monitoring of the fire stick via blocking an IP address?


As just about everything uses AWS for hosting, unlikely. It’s further very unlikely that audio monitoring is neatly split out to its own port and protocol.


And even if you would find a way to block it, chances are that a future update silently changes their internal APIs, rendering your blocking rulesets useless. Furthermore it's highly likely that voice- and normal device controls largely share the same APIs and servers.

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There is no voice monitoring! As the mic is only in the remote control that is battery powered, the voice system gets only activated if you press the button!

All firetv sticks are rootable and if you are rooted, you can disable any app, also system apps, with the command pm disable com.example.app over a adb shell.

Checkout the info on:

There are also some threads about how to disable alexa if you are rooted.