Directory mounted on router and visible on phone via samba, but file in directory can't be read by phone apps

Hi all, I have a router.

I mounted a Box directory on the router via rclone. Its contents can be listed when I SSH in.

On the router, I have a samba share configured for that directory with guest access = OK.

If I try to access the samba shared directory from any app on my Android phone, I can see the directory ... but the single file in the folder can't be opened. I get a read error.

Lord, I hate samba. Any ideas?

It's typically related to your file system and access permissions.

Check the output:

mount | grep -e /path/to/mount/dir
ls -a -l /path/to/mount/dir

Or you can simply use SFTP:

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First confirm that the share works correct on Windows.
Android has no native samba client so every app that can access a samba share uses its own "logic". I usually test with "ASTRO File Manager" and "X-plore File Manager" on Android, which should work fine for a openwrt based samba share.

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