Direct IP link replacement

Hi, great to see such an active forum.

I’m new to openwrt, I’m looking for advice on wether 1:) what I’m doing is actually possible 2:) any suggestions of what terminology I should be searching the forum to find the answer. It’s a bit of a maze.

I have a piece of equipment that I currently connect to by Ethernet cables and setting my window ipv4 to: with a gateway of These cannot be changed in the equipment.

Is it possible for me to use my openwrt router to act as a wireless bridge that means I can connect to that same port via wifi? Is there a name for the connection I’m trying to make? I’m unsure if bridge is even the right term!

You could configure the OpenWrt router as dumbAP.
Then whatever you connect by ethernet or Wifi will be able to talk to the equipment directly.


Thankyou. I’ll try that!!