DIR-890L & DIR-2660 Firmware Selector Error: Impossible Package Selection

DIR-890L added for shapshots as reported here:

But it's impossible to obtain a daily snapshot via Firmware Selector due to "Impossible Package Selection" error simply using the default presetted packages!
How can it be solve this issue?

if you're not modifying the package list, why are you requesting a build ?

seems the build bots haven't caught up, there's a kmod version mismatch when trying to build an image.

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Becouse there's no LuCI in the snapshots!
And - as I already specified - DIR-890L has been added recently and so hasn't got a stable release yet!

then flash the vanilla snapshot, do an opkg update; opkg install luci afterwards.

There's no doubt about this! And thanks in any case for the prompt replies!
The problem is another: if the community provides a service for newbies but it doesn't work, isn't it worth restoring it?

oh I'm sure it will be, eventually.

the image builds just fine with luci included, using the "offline" imagebuilder, so it got to be online specific.

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Copy and paste the following, leaving a space at the end of the "Installed Packages" section. Leave the "Script to run on first boot (uci-defaults)" section blank. Create the firmware like this. It will not give an error.

luci luci-app-firewall luci-app-opkg luci-base luci-light luci-mod-admin-full luci-mod-network luci-mod-status luci-mod-system luci-proto-ipv6 luci-proto-ppp luci-ssl luci-theme-bootstrap


Nope! Unfortunately I get the same result!
Moreover, I realized that the situation is the same for the DIR-2660 even with the suggested modifications... maybe it's better changing the title...

Just for the record... Also with today snapshot DIR-890L r25104-f0e732f488 2024-02-10 10:39:55 both with the default packages and with the suggested modifications...

I've had trouble adding packages using the firmware selector and had to place them precisely. Since I do not have the same device I need the following:

Please copy and paste the recommended package list and the packages and dependencies you want to add, in two paragraphs.
I'll place them where they needed to be placed for me and we can cross our fingers.

Thanks for your attention!
The default list package is fine...

Thanks to whoever fixed the Firmware Selector for both DIR-890L (BCM4709A0) & DIR-2660 (MT7621AT) models!

The following versions are available today as per description:

DIR-890L SNAPSHOT r25142-a42075435a 2024-02-13 01:53:59
DIR-2660 SNAPSHOT r25141-6f83a708c8 2024-02-13 00:02:07

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its working now

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I don't really know...

Today we have:

DIR-890L SNAPSHOT r25222-dadad6bb73 2024-02-17 17:12:13

But as a result you always get the versions from 5 days ago...and the same thing also in the last days...