DIR-878, DIR-882 Upgrade failed

D-Link DIR-878 rev.A1 & DIR-882 rev.A1
D-Link Recovery

Anyone else getting "Upgrade failed" displayed when attempting to flash with the last few factory.bin snapshots?

But no issues with Stable 23.05.3, Stable 23.05.2 releases

the factory file in the snapshots is for the d-link oem firmware web page
the file for the recovery interface is the recover file from snapshot & V24 on

I see a few of us have had a go at wording this on the support page
but i guess it still needs work

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Thanks Lucky1
Was not aware of change in upgrade procedure.

With that said,
Wondering why recent snapshots and even 23.05.3 has a massive drop in download speeds. It's as if arinc9's patch was removed.
e.g. Bufferbloat test conducted with snapshot released yesterday resulted in a lousy 400 ~ 500 Mb/s downloads with a Gigabit service.
If my memory serves, older releases typically ended up with 800 ~ 900 Mb/s

I'm in Australia
I'm hanging off a wet piece of string at the best of times
even if it's is a 1G fibre sting but all over the place with connections
and we are a day ahead in date so lots of web site certificates
are out of date for a day all the time it seems
but lots of web sites are offline / online each 1hr
I did read about lots of undersea cables out at times also
but I don't really know anything about the openwrt servers
but they often go off-line for me but with other sites also

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