DIR-878 5GHz Wifi not detected

Hi, so i just enabled 5Ghz wifi but for some reason i cannot connect to the wifi(not detected) neither on my phone or my laptop and im using Dlink Dir-878, do anyone knows how to fix this?, thanks!

nope, insufficient information provided ...

What information do i need to provide? this is my current configuration for 5Ghz, just testing

drop back to wpa2 would be my guess
doh not that
if you just set the country reboot device

my country code is ID

did you reboot the device after changing it ?

just looking at your config
your mac addresses are bad
sady you may have lost you radio config data

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yep i did :+1:

your radio config look's bad did you make a backup at some point ?

not rlly i just reinstalled my router since the old installation also have the same problem, i thought that can fix it

does the MAC address of the AC radio match what's on the sticker on the 878 ?

is the mac address the BSSID? if it is, its definitly not on the sticker under my router

I assume it applies to the n radio too ?

Just checked the WAN interface and its the same as the sticker under the router

MAC address on the sticker I think is the lan MAC
the 2.4g is one above then 5G then WAN
they should all be the same except the last digit

what @Lucky1 said.

what did you flash the router with, 1st and 2nd time around ?

this is my 3rd time, first time i flashed it into the snapshot and then got some bugs, then i downgrade it, and then reinstall it back

did you reset the settings in the flash process ?

yep, in all of them

what model is your device ?