DIR-860L reducing power consumption on Mediatek MT7621AT

I have just bought a 100w monocrystalline photovoltaic panel, with a 72A lead battery and I would like to use it for the D-Link DIR-860L B1.
It is powered with 12V AC so the link with the batteries is very easy but the power consumption is quite high, max 24W declared.
How could I reduce the power used by therouter? I have already disable 2.4g wireless, I am not using internal LAN connections, SQM disabled...
There is any way for down-clocking the cpu?
My router is 24/7 on for P2P purpose (torrent and emule always uploading) through wifi.

It's really not going to use nearly that much power. They ship with a 2 Amp adapter to be sure there is extra to power USB devices. Realistically the CPU and wifi may use about 3 watts.

Down-clocking the CPU or turning one of the cores off would require a bootloader mod, which is sort of out of the scope of OpenWrt. Though there were some units sold with only one core enabled, so there are old posts on this forum of how to change from 1 to 2-- you'd do the reverse.

MediaTek chips aren't terrible at energy efficiency like Broadcoms tend to be, but Atheros seems to be the best.

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Thank you! I will check with a watt meter or directly with the solar plant and check the autonomy before to try to disable cores