DIR-860L B1 in the USA

I'm trying to find a D-Link DIR-860L B1 in the US. I really want a router(s) with the MT76 chipset. At every site I go, all I see are A1 hardware revisions. I've even shopped on Ebay UK, Spain and Germany - they are all A1's. Does anyone know where to find a hardware revision B1 in the US (or even elsewhere)???

Agree these are tricky to find. Best bet is ebay and look at pics of the actual device labels and confirm with the seller. Otherwise, the Xiaomi MiWiFi 3G is an easy to obtain option with the same chipset (but only 2 LAN ports).

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Thats a good suggestion, thanks @drawz. If I ran a DIR-860L as my router, and used the MiWifi as two hard wired access points on my network, would roaming work ok between them all? They are all the same chipset, so I would assume so?

Assuming properly configured, roaming should work between any standards-compliant devices. Roaming is at the 802.11 level, not at the chipset level, within the limitations of the standards supported by each of the chipsets and drivers (for example, 802.11r roaming only "works" when the APs and client involved all properly support the standard).

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