DIR-860L B1 disassembly?

Hey guys!

So I've been tinkering with the DIR-860L rev B1 and some of you might have noted that the 5.4 kernel bump on ramips didn't go too smoothly on master. So I'm looking to hook up serial, however, I am unable to open the DIR-860L.

The wiki has pictures of a disassembled DIR-860L B1 so I was wondering if anyone knows how to open it up.

@alexmow Are you by any chance the same person as the person who uploaded the pictures to the device page?

Much obliged!

The FCC images provide some further hints, not really conclusive, but at least they show the location of the latches (I assume you'll find some screws in the bottom plate, under the rubber feet).

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Thanks @slh - I had unscrewed the bottom plate, but wasn't able to detach the front half (had plenty of spudgers in between both halves). Should have thought about the FCC pics.

I guess you have seen the youtube video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf7nMqdUKD4

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I have, thanks. Like the last comment indicates it's not the DIR-860L. The top here is solid plastic, as can be seen in the FCC photos. There's no cover you can pop off on this model.

So someone happened to be debugging the DIR-860L B1 on the mailing list, and I asked him for some guidance. Turns out there is a very sturdy sticker on the top - so sturdy it doesn't even feel as a sticker. Once I was able to peel that off I got indeed access to the top screws.

Too bad the video just brushes over that part; you can see the guy is doing something but he didn't zoom in so you don't see what exactly (black on black doesn't work too well if you don't have enough light). He talks about a (what I assumed to be rigid) plastic cover, so I was looking for an actual part I could lift off, and there were no markings like that. That adds to the confusion, and fueled the discussion in the YouTube comment section.

I've added pictures for clarity to the OpenWrt wiki.


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