DIR 860L as dumb AP / bridging firewall

I have the opportunity to get for close to nothing a brand new DIR 860L, I'd like to know if it's realistic to use it as a dumb AP + bridging firewall on a small home LAN/WAN (2 users + gigabit optical fiber internet connection).
The setup would be like this:

<ISP modem> ---------------------- <DIR 860L> ------------> WAN (2/3 devices at most)
     |                                                      |
<ISP TV set top box>                  <gigabit ethernet to 2 pc>

The ISP modem will be in charge of DHCP + NAT, DIR 860L will be used mostly as an ipv6 bridging firewall as my ISP provides native IPV6 connexion but didn't bother to include an ipv6 firewall. Oh, and before you ask, yes I DO use ipv6 to download huge files so I don't want to be CPU bound on the DIR 860L


Since you won't be NAT'ing on the D-Link, there shouldn't be any issues AFAIK. Saying you're downloading 'big files' doesn't tell us anything about what speeds your ISP offer, nor does it seem to me like IPv6 is such a strain on a normal router?

Thanks for your answer.
As I said I have a gigabit internet connection so the download speed is
usually around several hundreds megabits per seconds. I was wondering if
the DIR 860L CPU could cope with this and at the same time have enough
juice left for running iptables over a bridged interface.

Apologies, I missed that. I'd think you should be able to hit that, but better wait for a second/third opinion.

In my testing, the DIR-860L handles 1 gigabit speeds WAN <-> LAN with NAT and firewall enabled. So 1 gigabit speeds without NAT won't be an issue in the slightest. These tests were done without fastpath. If you apply the fast path pull request, the CPU load will be even lower when doing 1 gigabit speeds.

Thanks, actually I realised that I had enough coupons to get a R7800 for
the price of a DIR-860L (or a DIR-860L for free), so I bought a R7800
instead and I think I will definitely have no CPU problems at all:-)
It's ridiculously overpowered for my application but at 90 euros I
couldn't decline the offer.