DIR-853 Bricked After Installing OpenWRT

seems like it's an OEM locked down model

then you need to get a 3v ttl serial cable
open the case add some pins
and access the serial console to recover it

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I mean this used to be a Etisalat (ISP) given router with a custom D-Link firmware

I believe they where the DIR-853-A3's tho
maybe they had A1's as well
it would explain why it failed
it should have failed to flash with the A1 board id if it was A3 tho

ether way you need a serial cable & firmware that will work
to flash into the device to unbrick it
that's if it's worth it
the DIR-853-A1 firmware found here is for the general release DIR-853-A1

where can i buy it?

ebay or aliexpress etc
some black ones don't work with windows 10 so make sure the one you buy will
for this device you need 3.3V ttl other need 5V or 1.8V you can buy some you can switch

you may need something like this as well you can get away for a short time with soldering
the 3 pins but you do need hold them in a way to get contact for a few minites
some time the right angle one are better for this ".1" header pins

is this one okay

there is red flag with this listing
no support after windows 7
there is a high chance it won't work with windows 10 or 11

that's fine ill manage that

is this also okay

i don't think so it looks like it's for connecting 2 pcb's like an lcd display to a pcb
not 100% but i'd gess no

one's like in this listing
tho if you are not soldering ten the right angel ones are a little better

how about this

yes they will work