DIR-810L RevB not booting properly

So. One thing I didn't think about until now is SSH'ing into the Failsafe.

I succeeded on LEDE 17.01.4. So it has flashed the firmware. It just doesn't boot everything correctly.

The failsafe neither requests an IP on WAN or gives one on LAN. Setting my adapter settings to gateway did the trick.

Naturally LUCI isn't booted.

root@(none):/etc/config# vi network
root@(none):/etc/config# service network restart
Failed to connect to ubus
'radio0' is disabled
Failed to connect to ubus
Failed to connect to ubus

Attempted to change the LAN ip. Not sure if that's supposed to work in fail-safe mode. Just thought it might be additional info.

Hi, I'm also having trouble with a TEW 810DR (seems to be essentially the same router as it uses the image for 810L)

I can flash the old 15.05 but if I try with newer images I face the same problem as it doesn't boot, did you manage to solve it? I like the router but don't really want to use outdated software