DIR-600 B2E - Weird behavior

I got another D-Link DIR-600. This time a B2E...
It shows 14.4MB (even though it is supposed to only have 4MB) available in the "Software-Tab" and after a reboot it lost all settings and installed packages.

What could be the reason??

Installing OpenWRT worked flawless, so if this thing really has 16MB, I'd like to build the newest OpenWRT for it, including some packages like the (big) wpad, etc.!

which image did you install ?

and are you sure B2 == B2E ?

Can you show us screenshots from the web ui as well as the output from these commands:

ubus call system board
df -h

I am not sure of anything, regarding that device.

I can post Screenshots of various pages and can flash various images of OpenWRT. I DID actually...

They ALL show a bigger size than what this device supposedly has!

The flash is overfull so it mounted overlay on the RAM disk, which has a size of about half of the RAM. Since the filesystem is RAM, everything you configure or install gets erased on a reboot.

32MB RAM is a severe problem running new versions, no matter how much flash you have. RAM upgrade is not possible as the RT3050 supports a maximum of 32MB.


If you posted them, they aren't showing up for some reason. Maybe try again and also be sure to include the output from the commands I provided above.

Meanwhile, I suspect that @mk24 is correct here... the screenshots + text output would just help to verify the situation.


No... I "did flash multiple images"...

The DIR-600 is not of much interest to me anymore, but I can attach the pictures and output later.