Dir-505 successor?

Do you have any udea for a dir-505 successor whuch use as travek router? Thx!

Several inexpensive, small routers are described in the thread below. Many can be powered off a "good" 5-V "USB phone charger". For a new purchase, I'd recommend at least 16 MB flash and 128 MB RAM memory so that you've got a reasonable lifespan ahead for the hardware.

Without details of your needs and budget, including 802.11ac and additional software such as VPN, it's difficult to be more specific.

I prefer internal ac plug what do you think? Thx,!

Anyone?? Mm

GL.iNet AR300M-Lite and a tube of epoxy.

TP-Link RE350 / RE350K perhaps?
Netgear EX3700 / EX3800?
Netgear EX6400 / EX7300? (careful with those: there's already v2 available for both, but I don't see v2 currently supported by OpenWrt)