DIR-3060 radio2 doesn't work properly

I recently got a D-Link DIR-3060 and installed OpenWrt on it, but I found out that radio2 doesn't transmit properly, I don't get any WiFi signal from the access points under that radio.

It can connect to another access point as a client, but it doesn't work properly and is barely usable, I could ping occasionally but it would keep getting interrupted in-between dropping packets, and never responded in my tests.

This radio had problems with OEM firmware too. I think it worked fine initially (I am not 100% sure) but it started giving trouble after I did some tests. It wouldn't turn on unless I enabled radio1 too, very strange...

Can anyone help me debug this?

Turns out that I just needed to change the power and region settings for the radio, I'm not sure what the exact issue was but it did not work with "Worldwide" or "India" as the region.

Currently I have both power and region settings set to driver default.

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