DIR-2660 as Dumb AP USB Connected Not accessible via Zerotier

I have connected USB drive to DIR-2660 Dumb AP.
Internally i can access network share
I cannot access via Zerotier network, while other internal resources are accessible.
If i change DIR-2660 to router mode i can access network share via Zerotier network

I want to keep DIR-2660 in AP mode only.
DIR-2660 is in DHCP client mode (LAN)=> connected to Opnsense LAN port with DHCP enabled.
Zerotier is also configured in Opnsense.

Can anyone help in this issue.

Why hand it an IP through DHCP? Did you try setting a static IP to see if that solves/works around your issue?

The protocols to automatically discover file share servers typically don't work through layer 3 routing.

So your client(s) on the other side of the VPN will need to be manually configured to connect to the file share via its IP address. This means the file share server needs a consistent and known IP address. That can be done with a DHCP reservation in the main router or by setting it statically in the OpenWrt AP/file sharer.

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Ok I changed to static IP address.
Still I cannot access network share.
I have stopped firewall in OpenWrt.
Iā€™m trying to ping OpenWrt LAN interface I get request timed out
I cannot figure out where is the issue