DIR-1935 Supported?

all seems good
the green led labels match the firmware
check the the wan led works by default this will check you got the "01_leds" file correct
mac addresses should match the oem firmware
now it just to finish off the pull request
you may git it into the v23

I imagine the dts and image entry is the same as the dir-878-a1

I confirm that the WAN LED flashes when there is activity on the WAN port.

Created a PR: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/11696

What's the process for adding the DIR-1935 to the TOH? Does that come after the PR is accepted?

Looks good as I would have imagined :slight_smile:
I think the TOH will be add automatic same as the DIR-1960-A1
but people need to make the support page if wanted.
eg DIR-1960-A1 vs DIR-882-A1

some of the newer 878/882's don't have the correct MAC address
included in the radio data I think they are the same as the DIR-1960
and need to be offset form the lan mac
but your device seems not to need this

your device like the DIR-878 may also be a 4x4 radio so AC2600 not the listed AC1900
the 867 tho have parts removed
this will tell you
iw phy1 info

        Available Antennas: TX 0xf RX 0xf
        Configured Antennas: TX 0xf RX 0xf

You need to have a wiki account and then create a dataentry.