Digisol (BG-BA4305) 4G LTE USB Dongle not supported

Hi All,

I am trying to make Digisol 4G dongle (BG-BA4305) to work in my Openwrt box. But, found that the default VID/PID (0x2020/0x2030) isn't supported in the usb-mode.json. I searched online & found that it's actually a BroadMobi BM806U chipset based on Qualcomm MDM9225.

In Openwrt, I edited the .json & tried the standard eject & some of the other entries in the usb-mode.json file. But, nothing got it to switch from Disk to modem mode.

When I plug the dongle in a Ubuntu machine - it works fine.

  1. Device comes up with VID/PID = 0x2020/2030 (SCSI disk mode) first
  2. UDEV rules call eject on the SCSI device
  3. Device switches mode & comes up in modem mode with VID/PID = (0x2020/0x2033)

Any help on the same will be highly appreciated.