Dig -6 doesn't work on laptop yet I can browse to IPv6 sites

Hi! On the interfaces page of LuCI, I have the regular three interfaces: LAN, WAN, and WAN6. The thing is I can access websites with IPv6 just fine from my laptop, but when I do dig -6 openwrt.org from my laptop the connection times out. But over ssh in the router, dig -6 openwrt.org works just fine. I couldn't figure how to see the DNS servers given out to my laptop, but on my phone it shows these three:

I know both my phone and laptop are set to obtain the DNS servers from the router.
When I run these two commands on my laptop they both succeed:

dig -6 @fd85:dc47:1aca::1 google.com
dig -6 @2601:400:c200:4509::1 google.com

Then on the interfaces page in LuCI, under WAN6, I see these two IP addresses (I have x'd out part of them)

IPv6: 2001:x:x:x:x:x:x:4d5/128
IPv6-PD: 2601:y:y:y::/64

Then under LAN I see these:

IPv6: 2601:y:y:y::1/64
IPv6: fd85:z:z::1/60

Also my ULA prefix is fd85:z:z::/48

Other than that main question I just have some questions about IPv6:
I am curious what the different IPv6 addresses are for / what the configuration is that leads to them. I am using the default configuration for everything, except I am using dnsmasq-full to provide DHCPv6 instead of the default package. Also why do I have two IPv6 addresses on the WAN side, and one of them is /128 (doesn't that leave no room for my own devices?)? I am also wondering what IPv6-PD means. Then on the LAN side I am wondering why I have two addresses and one of them is /60, which seems kind of weird.
I have read through the OpenWRT pages on IPv6 and the Wikipedia page on the protocol and addresses, so if anyone could point me to other resources that are good and more beginner-oriented that would be great.

My last question is if the default option of stateless+stateful DHCPv6 means that the privacy issue of having one IPv6 address you use everywhere isn't an issue?

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So, the query fails because your laptop does not run a DNS server on the localhost IPv6 address ::1.


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