Difficulties with activation email

Hi everyone. I did read the topic about three years ago about hotmail addresses blacklisting OpenWRT emails and its subsequent resolution. However I know some forums don't take too kindly to bumping old topics so I refrained from doing so. I've found that I never got the confirmation emails and only received a reminder-to-confirm email more than two days of signing up.

Just wanted to let you know that it was difficult for myself to sign up.

Thanks for your time.

My email address is at Hotmail, and I don't remember having an issue when I signed up.

Did you check your spam/junk folder?

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Yessir. I never received any of the confirmation emails. None of the multiple times i pressed an email did I receive one.

@tmomas FYI

Seems to be a hotmail problem.
The forum software indicates that we have received several bounces from your hotmail adress. Since you received the reminder to confirm email, the hotmail problems seem to be temporary.

Pragmatic solution: If you do not receive the registration email on your hotmail account (and don't find anything in your spam folder)

  • try to register with a different email adress (non-hotmail adress, of course)
  • or signup with github (if you already have a github account)

Thank you for your reply and time listening to me.

Since I seem to have successfully made it in, all seems well... for now. But just wanted to let you know.

Thanks for your advice. I'll do so if I have any more issues.

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