Difficulties getting NFS server to work

Hello, it's me again :slight_smile:

Now I have struggles to export anything via NFS.

I followed the docs (https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/nas/nfs.server).

The firewall is disabled.

All processes are up, ports are open:

root@nas-backup:/etc/config# ps | grep rpc
 1132 root         0 IW<  [rpciod]
 1337 root      2000 S    /sbin/rpcd -s /var/run/ubus/ubus.sock -t 30
 1536 rpc       1140 S    /usr/sbin/rpcbind -f -w
 2232 root      1004 S    /usr/sbin/rpc.statd -p 32778 -o 32779 -F
 2233 root      1528 S    /usr/sbin/rpc.mountd -p 32780 -F
 3560 root      1108 S    grep rpc
root@nas-backup:/etc/config# ps | grep nfs
 1142 root         0 IW<  [nfsiod]
 2221 root         0 SW   [nfsd]
 2222 root         0 SW   [nfsd]
 2223 root         0 SW   [nfsd]
 2224 root         0 SW   [nfsd]
 2225 root         0 SW   [nfsd]
 2226 root         0 SW   [nfsd]
 2227 root         0 SW   [nfsd]
 2228 root         0 SW   [nfsd]
 3562 root      1108 S    grep nfs
root@nas-backup:/etc/config# netstat -nlpu | grep rpcbind
udp        0      0 *                           1536/rpcbind
udp        0      0   *                           1536/rpcbind
udp        0      0 :::111                  :::*                                1536/rpcbind
udp        0      0 :::52895                :::*                                1536/rpcbind

After setting up, trying out and debugging my own exports I simply tried out the loopback example mentioned in the documentation by copying and pasting it straight into the terminal window.

In all cases I get the same thing: The mount command "hangs" and does nothing.

Trying out "vers=3" does not make things better (local on the box it says "unsupported protocol version" though NFS3 should be supported as said in the documentation [or does the mount.nfs command only support Version 4 but the server does it all?], from remote it still hangs).

Do you have any suggestions?

EDIT: When I try out my own setup (from remote) I get

daemon.notice rpc.mountd[2233]: authenticated mount request from for /data/serverbackups (/data/serverbackups)

in the logs.

I also played a lot with exporting my disks using /overlay/upper/... because of

If you set up pivot-root or pivot-overlay, use the path on /overlay/ partition, else you cannot export mounted fs.

(what exactly does this mean?) but stopped that after I found out that even the simple loopback example does not work.

OK, NFS seems to be an issue with newer OpenWRT versions and not a functionality which is focused by development.
I found lots of users complaining that NFS stopped working after upgrade or that after a fresh installation they don't get NFS to work. But in the cases I was able to find (also in this forum which in general is a very big help and has a great community as I can tell) no really solution or discussion on those threads took place.
So in the end I gave up and use sshfs instead.
What a pity! I am running two Ubuntu servers and several clients with NFS for years and don't get it to work on my new OpenWRT device.
Perhaps in the next release :wink:

I wanted to actually test a Samba server, but since I saw this problem I decided to use a NFS server.

Fresh compiled "master", loop-device was already selected for testing DM-Crypt so I only added nfs-server and nfs-utils (not sure they are needed).

Works just fine when exporting external usb hard drive or an sd-card (mmc). Untweaked I am getting around 9MB/s so I should look into that. Might be a slow SD-card or the fact that I am using dm-crypt on the external drive.

BUT: file transfer back and forth between OpenWRT as server and my linux box works just fine.

I have no experience with exporting the Overlayfs, but since that didn't change and you had that working before, those settings should be the same as before.

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I'm running a NFS server to access a data partition on a SD card resp. USB stick on my OpenWRT routers since 15.X. and never had a problem with NFS.

Just remember: for proper operation the configuration on server and client must fit together.

Thank you for your replies!

@drbrains :
I didn't compile from source but installed the latest release which was available last week (OpenWrt 21.02.0 r16279-5cc0535800). So if it works in the master branch perhaps the next release will fix something?

@Barney :
Keep in mind that I followed the installation and setup instructions for NFS on a fresh system and even the local mount which is mentioned in the doc as a test did not work.
So I don't think there is an incompatible configuration between server and client :slight_smile:

But when anyone has an idea how to fix this issue I would be very thankful :wink:
Per now my backup works using sshfs and so I have no actual use case, but having it up and running is no bad idea in an complete Linux environment :wink:

Simple setup (for demo purposes, not the most secure!)

ssh into your router:

ssh root@

create a mount point and set rights:

mkdir /tmp/nfsdemo
chmod 1777 /tmp/nfsdemo

edit and save exports file:

vi /etc/exports

Make it look like:

/tmp/nfsdemo *(rw,no_all_squash,insecure,no_subtree_check,fsid=1)

update new exports

exportfs -ra

On another linux box:

sudo mkdir /mnt/nfsdemo
sudo mount -t nfs

try to see if it works:

echo test >/mnt/nfsdemo/test.txt

SSH back into the router:

Verify your test file was written and can be read on the router.
cat /tmp/nfsdemo/test.txt

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I haven't read these instructions, so can't say anything about their correctness.

I've set up many NFS systems (client & server) during the last decades and never had a problem with NFS. It just worked out of the box. But I must admit, that all these systems have been Linux hosts. I have no experience, if one part (either server or client) is a non-Linux host.

So instead of reading OpenWRT's NFS instructions I was guided by my previous Linux NFS experience and I configured the NFS server on the OpenWRT router the same way I did on a Linux host. And it worked.

Maybe, I don't know. But there is definitely something wrong with your NFS configuration (either on the server or the client or both). Otherwise it should work.

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