Different download speeds depending on OpenWRT version


I have got recently new internet connection (fiber optic). It's capped currently at 100/100MBit, but for few days for testing purposes I had 1/1GBit. My PC was able to achieve around 900/950MBit on speedtest.

I have MQMaker WiTi device (256mb version, https://openwrt.org/toh/mqmaker/witi). I tested three different OpenWRT versions - all of them were downloaded from official repo marked as a last stable. The only change (besides changing MAC address of the WAN interface) was to enable software and hardware flow offloading (without speeds were even lower). All test are being run using ethernet connection, no WiFi involved.

That't the speeds I got per OpenWRT version:

  • 22.03.2 - 150/850MBit,
  • 21.02.5 - 120/820MBit,
  • 19.07.10 - 850/900Mbit.

Obviously I'm currently using 19.07.10 version. Is there anything I can do to achieve similar speeds at newest one? Do they differ in some settings perhaps?

Well I've used witi with 19.07 and 21.02 and it was easily capping my 300mbps plan back then.
Now it's retired so can't confirm the issue on 22.03 but as 19.07 is EOL you shouldn't use in production (labs/tests without internet should be fine though).
Please also test latest snashots (master) as it contains a very important fix for details see


mt7621 by itself (CPU side) is not fast enough to handle 1 GBit/s, it can only do so with (hardware-) flow-offloading in place, which puts you at the mercy of that.

I seem to remember that there is/ was(?) an issue with PPPoE and mt762x h/w offloading, do you need PPPoE to establish your WAN connection or something else?