Different date between logread and syslog-ng

I installed syslog-ng and use /var/log/messages to check log.
logread also works (different messages between them)
but logread shows the logs with times stamps that is in my local time (which is the same as output of date command) but /var/log/messages timestamps are in the UTC time.
what do I need to change to fix this.

Does this help?

I thought it was a openwrt bug.
but I tried your asnwer and it was not helpfull.
most google links were for syslog-ng bugs .
so I still cant find what I need to change in syslog-ng config to fix this.
this didnt work.
destination messages {

for others that have the same issue:
destination messages {
file("/var/log/messages" time_zone("yourtimezone"));

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