Difference between Qualcomm QCA9980 and QCA9984 in ath10k driver in OpenWrt

What is the difference between Qualcomm QCA9980 ( e.g. Linksys EA8500, Netgear R7500v2, TP-Link C2600) and QCA9984 (e.g. Netgear R7800, Zyxel NBG6817) WiFi chip sets in ath10k driver/firmware in OpenWrt?

When I look at specs for both these chip sets on Qualcomm website, both are Wave 2 and 4x4:4 MU-MIMO chip sets. The only difference I see in specs - QCA9884 has support for 160Mhz, but QCA9980 has max support for 80Mhz bandwidth.

But is this still a limitation in the open source ath10k or ath10k-ct drivers/firmware? If not, what else is the difference between these two chip sets? Thx.

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My apologies, but I did not understand. What does 10char mean?

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That my response was less than 10 characters long which is not allowed, so i had to pad it.

Oh! Got it :slight_smile:

So QCA9980 cannot support VHT160 while QCA9984 can support VHT160, even in the open source driver/firmware. Is there any other difference e.g. any observed or real-life performance difference in VHT80 or lower bandwidths?

It's different (older) hardware, with slightly different capabilities (and limitations), just as well as different firmware (-limitations). Keep in mind that QCA9884 enjoys regular firmware updates from QCA, while the QCA99X0 firmware has been abandoned 6 years ago.

Given free reign, you should always go for QCA9984 (it's newer, more capable, actively supported and has fixed bugs present in its predecessors).

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Is that a typo, or did you really mean the older QCA9884 enjoys regular firmware updates and the newer QCA99X0 firmware has been abandoned?

Thanks. From this, my takeaway is that the newer QCA9984 is the better supported solution. So, just want to confirm that what I read above was a typo?

QCA9980/ QCA9990 are older than QCA9984/ QCA9994.

Got it, that QCA9980 is older than QCA9984. Newer is preferable.

Sorry if I am not getting it right, but what I did not understand was the following -

Does that mean that older QCA9884 gets regular firmware updates similar to the newer QCA9980/QCA9984?