Difference between Generic and Harddisk images

There are 2 sections on target's download's page - Generic and Harddisk. I don't really remember if there were both 9 years ago... But now I can't find what's the difference and criteria which to choose. Short reference or explanation would be very helpful. Thank you!

neither do we, since we don't know what device you're referring to ...

Does this help?


Oops.. Sorry. IXP422 CPU, USR8200

Thanks, but not really... I'm going to flash ready image, not to compile mine. So there are two types of images, they have different sizes... For example (18.06.9):
Generic z-image 1313.1 KB
Harddisk z-image 1670.6 KB

When you look at the manifest files it seems the 'harddisk' version has support for disks, while the 'generic' hasn't.

$ diff openwrt-18.06.9-ixp4xx-generic-default.manifest openwrt-18.06.9-ixp4xx-harddisk-fsg3.manifest 
< iwinfo - 2018-07-31-65b8333f-1
< kernel - 4.9.243-1-468954dd0a4744c8c7855f69add376f9
> kernel - 4.9.243-1-7e846d79d2c6710d831e71537fbad85f
> kmod-crypto-crc32c - 4.9.243-1
> kmod-crypto-hash - 4.9.243-1
> kmod-fs-ext4 - 4.9.243-1
> kmod-fs-reiserfs - 4.9.243-1
> kmod-lib-crc16 - 4.9.243-1
> kmod-nls-base - 4.9.243-1
> kmod-scsi-core - 4.9.243-1
> kmod-usb-core - 4.9.243-1
> kmod-usb-ehci - 4.9.243-1
> kmod-usb-storage - 4.9.243-1
> kmod-usb-uhci - 4.9.243-1
> kmod-usb2 - 4.9.243-1
> kmod-usb2-pci - 4.9.243-1
< wpad-mini - 2018-05-21-62566bc2-8

On the other hand the ' generic' has two packages for wifi, which the 'harddisk' doesn't have. Maybe you were supposed to install extroot on harddisk and add those packages?

Yes, I use extroot on extrernal storage (flash drive or HDD). But I install all packages to support it myself, and I don't need Wi-Fi.

OK, so that means that the only difference is what packages are included? (And no compatibility issues, I suppose, right?)