Difference between curl on openwrt and pc

I am trying to use curl for debugging connections on openwrt
but I see that curl is very different from one compiled for my pc.

I know about ssl and size restraint for curl package on openwrt so I understand that it wouldn't have all the full pc option.
but what I need is the IPs shown when using curl with '-v' option which is verbose mode.
in curl on openwrt it doesn't show the IPs which I need for my debugging purposes.

I have two question:
is there a way to have a full version of it added to openwrt build from official pacakges or do I have to create it myself? like maybe the dnsmasq-full?

is this option for showing IPs add a lot of space and if not can I plead with the developers to add this and if so who and where do I contact? in openwrt packages on github? or here?
or somewhere else.
I ask because maybe this a feature question and not a bug.

strace -o log curl -v google.com && cat log | grep connect

and this is what exactly?
maybe a explanation?
do you mean that I need to use strace?
that doesnt help with the curl command I use.
I am asking about the difference between curl on openwrt and desktop.

If you want a full/different version, you would have to add support for it yourself. Alternatively, you could use a workaround, one of which was suggested above.

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I have seach for difference between them.
the curl on openwrt makefile and curl on archlinux which has a makefile (pkgbuild) here:
dont have a difference that I can find that accounts for the now shown IPs.
can you spot that?

never mind I found it,

thanks for all the answers.