Difference between branches of packages repo?

What is the difference between the branches in packages repo? Is master branch only for SNAPSHOT?

I'm mainly interested in difference between master and openwrt-23.05 branch.

openwrt-23.05 branch has an older version of adguardhome as compared to newer version at master branch.

I'm an OpenWRT beginner and I just installed openwrt-23.05.03 on my AX53U. I installed adguardhome via opkg and it is using older version 0.107.36-1.

Master is only for OpenWrt main/master, from which the development snapshots are made.

Each release branch (like 23.05) has its own packages and LuCI branch corresponding to the release number.

openwrt-23.05 builds need to use openwrt-23.05 packages.