Did I fix a "disable eapol key retries" side-effect, or find a bug in it?

First off, thank you LEDE devs for supporting my newer router TL-842N v3. DD-WRT is still lagging on that one.

Now the question - I enabled "Disable EAPOL Key Retries" in the latest version, and my Android phone started losing WiFi connection a few minutes after screen turned off. When you wake it up, the WiFi quickly reconnected, but this behavior was clearly bad because even a background Youtube video would shift from WiFi to cellular data plan when the screen is off.

So I fiddled with LEDE settings and discovered that switching wireless to LEGACY and turning off WMM fixed this problem. The "Disable EAPOL..." option is still ON, and yet I don't have the phone losing connection problem.

I am fine with downgraded 54mbps speed. I just want to know, did this really fix the issue, or did I stumble upon a bug where this combination of settings stealthily DISABLES "Disable EAPOL Key Retries" option, which is why its side-effect is gone?

Thank you.

If it is a bug, the first step would be to look for clues in the system log when it happens. You should also set option log_level 0 in the wifi-device section of /etc/config/wireless for more detailed logging.