Did I do this correctly? (VLAN/ WiFi on 21.02)

Hey all,

I recently upgraded (side-graded?) from a WRT1900ACS to a Netgear R7800. I installed the newest FW, which is a bit different to the 19.02 which I was using (uses DSA). Everything seems to be working properly, but I just wanted to get some more experienced eyes on my config to confirm.

My network consists of a Modem which feeds to my PFsense box (handling DHCP/ Firewall/ etc) which feeds to my R7800 (AP mode). My R7800's ports on the back are also configured for different VLANs


  • LAN (VLAN 100)
  • Infrastructure (VLAN 200)
  • Guest (VLAN 300)
  • Smart (VLAN 400)
  • Work (VLAN 500)

To get things working on 21.02, I created my VLANs and then bridges them to the parent interface. For example, my VLANs are all based off of eth0, so I bridged eth0.1 and eth0 together for my LAN VLAN, eth0 and eth0.2 together for my Infrastructure VLAN, etc.

Attached are some images of my config. Does everything look alright? Also I noticed there is a 2nd CPU in the Network > Switch area which I have toggled to off. Does it make sense to use this with the other CPU or would that cause a conflict?

Network > Interfaces: https://i.imgur.com/w6qpMxu.png
Network > Interfaces > Devices: https://i.imgur.com/aYP5Lcx.png
Network > Switch: https://i.imgur.com/UHfjFbX.png
Bridge (br-main): https://i.imgur.com/8ZzcjSf.png
Bridge (br-infra): https://i.imgur.com/O2nrO4Z.png
Bridge (br-guest): https://i.imgur.com/KpYIgPI.png
Bridge (br-smart): https://i.imgur.com/ykmsBQ4.png
Bridge (br-work): https://i.imgur.com/slgV1fK.png

LAN: https://i.imgur.com/XR2j2hL.png
Infrastructure: https://i.imgur.com/3ZR6RAL.png
Guest: https://i.imgur.com/lip5yMS.png
Smart: https://i.imgur.com/MVltSYt.png
Work: https://i.imgur.com/DDbDi64.png

In summary:
Does this config look correct?
Should I also be using the other CPU to tag my VLANs?

Per someones recommendation, I removed the base device (eth0) from the bridges, so now the bridges contain only the VLAN (eth0.1, eth0.2, etc).
Example: https://i.imgur.com/yej9XKB.png

The r7800 is ipq8065, which hasn't switched to DSA yet (patches available, but pending), so the 19.07.x (but not 21.02.x-) network configuration of your WRT1900ACS should have a similar structure to the r7800.

@slh thank you for the reply, that is good to know. I had thought I was using DSA but I guess not. I only meant that the GUI is different now (devices section in Interfaces, etc) and wanted to be sure everything is set correctly. Before I was able to bridge things in the Interface section but now I need to create those independently and link them to WiFi differently.