DHCPv6 and DS-Lite take very long (PPPoe, 1und1)

Hi there,

Recently I took some time to bring OpenWRT to my home network. My ISP gives me native IPv6, and IPv4 through DS-Lite tunnel. My actual set up is:

Internet <=> DSL Modem <=> Router <=> clients
             (OpenWRT,    (OpenWRT,
              bridge)       PPPoE,
                        IPv6 + DS-Lite)

After some fighting with DHCPv6, I've got everything working quite fine. But here comes the matter.
I've noticed that, after the DSL line is UP, pppoe authentication success, and the router gets inmediately a IPv6 /56 prefix (IA_PD), so all clients can connect to the "IPv6 internet", etc. But for the DS-Lite tunnel, although the router gets the AFTR peer address together with the prefix, still it needs to wait for a "ra-updated" packet, so my wan interface gets its IA_NA address and the DS-Lite tunnel can route its traffic. This "ra-updated" takes up to 20 min, meaning that I have no IPv4 connectivity during that time.

My question is: is that a normal situation? Do I always depend on the frequency my ISP sends their RA updates? Am I misconfiguring something, or can I somehow force my ISP to send me the right addresses at once? Or there is no way, other than waiting 20 mins till IPv4 also works?

(Just a detail, my ISP is 1und1 in Germany)

Thanks all!