DHCP working weird - no IPv4

I want my OpenWRT router to act as a DHCP server for LAN clients. When I have my computer connected to the LAN, I don't seem to be getting a IPv4 address. But I seem to have an IPv6 address? I'm unable to access the OpenWRT router via the router's IP address <>, because my PC isn't given an IPv4 address.

If I set my PC's IP address to a static address like <192.168.3.x>, then I'm able to access the OpenWRT router via

Even when I'm able to access the router's web UI, I'm still unable to access the internet. The OpenWRT router is behind another router on a separate subnet. I'm unable to ping this upper level router, and can't get out to the internet that this upper level router is providing. I know this upper router is working because if I plug directly into its lan port I get IP address and can get out.

Picture of config:
No IPv4 address:

Interfaces: Looks like OpenWRT router has a WAN connection right? And the LAN interface looks good?

Detailed LAN DHCP setting: Does this look ok?

I'm unfamiliar with IPv6, and I wonder if that's what is messing me up. Should OpenWRT be assigning both an IPv6 and IPv4 via DHCP to my PC?

If you haven't done any configuration, but changing the LAN subnet, reset it, this should work out of the box.

I'd like to avoid resetting it. I did a lot of work configuring the DHCP reservations to match my existing router. I'm in the process of configuring this router to be used as the main home router. I'm transitioning from Tomato router to OpenWRT.

Well, you obviously made an error somewhere, since it doesn't work, as it's supposed to.

Export the settings, then you'll at least have them stored, digitally, then reset the device :slight_smile:

Then you'd probably have to apply them one by one, to see when/where it breaks.

@wrtfan2 Since you are behind another router anyway, you could try to set it up as repeater using relayd or wds following this guide, although i have read somewhere that wds is not working in version 21.02.1 properly (and also not all routers support wds) and i have run into a similar problem as you report by using relayd. I got stuck, but if you manage to fix your problem i will be delighted to hear how you solved it :slight_smile:

Or just as a dumb ap.

Yeah, that's an option. I'm so comfortable with Tomato router firmware showing me what I need to see to troubleshoot things. I'm trying to learn OpenWRT to get to the same comfort level. DHCP seems like such a basic thing to get working that I should be able to spot the issue from the UI.